Google Analytics Dons New Duds

With the ever-changing landscape within the SEO world, Google has decided that it's time for Google Analytics to undergo an overhaul. Below you will find a few screenshots and some insight into what's changed and how we can leverage this information to help make great marketing decisions! However, as with any overhaul, there will be a need for users to learn all the new places where data is stored.

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Navis Visits the Blue Tent Office - Discusses Increasing ROI

Michelle Marquis and Stacie Bushaw with Navis came to the Blue Tent Marketing office to discuss how The Navis Way can increase a clients conversion rates and ultimately increase annual revenue.  The primary goal of both Navis and Blue Tent is to show clients a solid return on their investment and we feel that no other approach should be considered.

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On 14ers And Internet Marketing

It struck me while I was climbing Castle Peak (14,279 ft) that there is a great deal of commonality between hiking 14ers and solid internet marketing:

1. Go With A Trusted Team

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Real ROI for SEO and Email Marketing

Gift basket material?  I'd say so.

Ever wonder what it looks like when a plan comes together with an aggressive Search Engine Optimization campaign and a killer Email Marketing Campaign?  Well, if you have Google Analytics tied in properly, it looks just like this.

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SEO Strategy for Vacation Rental Managers

Good Morning Vacation Rental Managers!

Listen to a very informative interview with Blue Tent President Peter Scott on Scott Colson's Podcast. is dedicated to bringing Vacation Rental Managers today’s best online strategies, tools and techniques to drive floods of traffic to their websites and maximize their bookings.

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