Google Analytics Dons New Duds

With the ever-changing landscape within the SEO world, Google has decided that it's time for Google Analytics to undergo an overhaul. Below you will find a few screenshots and some insight into what's changed and how we can leverage this information to help make great marketing decisions! However, as with any overhaul, there will be a need for users to learn all the new places where data is stored. With that said, let's look at an example by comparing the way you would view 'Organic Search Traffic' data. Let's compare a screenshot of the new navigation vs the old: Looking at the new navigation, you can see that Google makes finding the information for 'Organic' sources completely accessible from this navigation. If you compare that with the click sequence from the old version you will see that while 'Search Engine' traffic is readily available from this navigation, 'Organic' does not appear here. To see organic traffic you would need to click on 'All Traffic Sources' below 'Search Engines' and then select 'Organic' from the list of traffic sources below the graphs.

From this simple example, you can see that while you may have more menus to choose from in the navigation, Google has ultimately made it easier to obtain key information for its users. We can explore this further by expanding some of the other menus. Here we see the 'Overview' menu fully expanded and highlighted.These sections of information are key to making great decisions as they pertain to SEO. Knowing your key demographics is of great importance because it can help you target PPC campaigns and can also provide some insight into what keywords are of greater importance.

The section about Behavior can provide you with great information about how users interact with your site. This can also help you identify if a particular campaign was successful or not by helping you answer a couple questions:

  1. Did this drive new traffic to my site?
  2. Did people return to my site after this campaign?

Technology can help you discover how people are viewing your site. Are people viewing on mobile devices mainly? This information might helps you decide whether to move forward with a mobile initiative. With so many browsers and platforms out there today, knowing which devices are popular among visitors of your site is a very important. Based on these basic walkthroughs, one can deduce that it was Google's goal to provide more meaningful data, more easily. Where as there were several screens to click through to obtain Organic Search metrics in the old version, in the new version it is accessible directly from the main menu, and provides the main data you need about that source to make informed decisions. So even though, it may be daunting to learn yet another new system, we believe that this update will ultimately be good for us and our clients! Ethan T. Hinson SEM Tech

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