4 Takeaways from the Denver Social Media Workshop

Last week I attended the Denver Social Media Workshop that was put on by the Online Marketing Institute and the Denver chapter of the Business Marketing Association. It was a great day conversing with fellow marketers about best practices in social media. Here are four of my top takeaways.

Blogging is Crucial
Source: HubSpot: State of Inbound Marketing Report

Blogs Still Reign Supreme
Blogging is by no means a new medium however it is still holding strong in terms of effectiveness. In surveyed businesses, the company blog was the top ranking social medium in terms of importance over the last two years (source: HubSpot). If you have yet to get involved in the Social realm, creating a WordPress blog has to be on top of that list. A WordPress blog is an easy, user-friendly and cost-effective channel that gives your company a face.

Custom Facebook Pages
There is an abundance of business pages on Facebook right now so standing out from the rest has to be a priority. A great way to stand out is to customize your page. Start by customizing your tabs, such a creating a tab that allows customers to opt-in to your eNewsletter. Instead of customers landing on your "wall", create a unique custom landing page. Or perhaps you want to kick it up a notch by creating a custom game.

Properly Engage with Your Customers
If your business is on any social media platform then you need to not only engage with your customers but learn how to engage properly. Knowing how to tread on the fine line of engagement is key and can make or break your companies reputation. A recent article titled "Home Depot vs. JetBlue: Who engages better on Facebook?" is a great example of the right and wrong way to engage customers. You need to be able to respond to customers in not only a timely fashion but helpful as well. If there is a problem, you need to properly publicly engage the customer addressing the issue, then resolve the matter privately offline.

All About the Benjamin's
With the amount of users on social media right now (500 million active users in Facebook alone) it's not hard to see why your business needs a solid presence in social media... but how does it boost revenue? After all, that is what the big boss man you report to is mainly concerned about right? All of the topics we just covered are all great places to start. Keeping your customers/followers engaged with creative and relevant content is the only way to make a significant impact. Tweeting about yourself and the product you offer time after time may get you a penny here and there but it is no way to build a lasting relationship. Some ideas to drive sales through social media include: create a promotion or contest, offer discounts & coupons, provide some sort of reward for "following" or "liking" you and highlight upcoming specials & deals.

Do your companies social media campaigns need help getting started or perhaps you just need a nudge in the right direction? Contact
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Eric Taylor

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