At the heart of every internet marketing strategy is the need for control over content. We believe that a Content Management System (CMS) is integral to any website. A content management system allows you to:

  • Rapidly add, edit and remove full articles from your website.
  • Easily manage images and graphics.
  • Quickly add new pages to your website to complement marketing initiatives.
  • Provide a framework for implementing common plug-ins such as calendars, blogs, and galleries.

We work with a number of content management systems that empowers the command of content management to anyone who can use a word processor. We work with three industry-leading content management platforms: Drupal, the Site Management Console and WordPress.


The Drupal content management system is the most robust, scalable and extensible open-source content management platform available. With nearly unlimited modules that can be enabled to do just about anything, the Drupal is perfect for small- to mid-size business all the way to enterprise-level sites seeking a combination of extensibility (hey, I need a blog), performance (it hums), and scalability (have 1000's of properties or products?). And Drupal is supported by a thriving open source community of designers, programmers, and users. What does that mean? It means regular updates and enhancements, tight security, and an open-source application that is on the bleeding edge of web content management systems.

Site Management Console

As the saying goes, "you've gotta dance with the girl that brung ya." We've been building websites on the Site Management Console (SMC) since Blue Tent was founded. Developed by our partner, Intrcomm Technology, the SMC is one of the best content management systems for small- to medium-sized businesses. It provides clients with an intuitive interface to easily update and maintain content. The SMC boasts an extremely powerful and flexible plug-in builder that can be customized to manage content in any number of ways. As a proprietary platform, the SMC is a stable, secure, affordable and supported by a thriving company.


WordPress is another extremely popular open-source content management platform. Originally developed as a blogging platform, WordPress has proven to win over both developers and users alike as a full content management platform for websites and blogs alike. WordPress is also supported by a thriving community of developers, designers and users and offers a wide range of plug-ins and themes to choose from that can have you up-and-running with a beautiful, fully-functional website in no time.

Choices, Choices – We Can Help

If you'd like a demo of any of the above content management systems to help you decide which CMS is best suited for your business or organization – please don't hesitate to contact us, we're here to help.