Blue Tent Green

[ sus•tain•a•ble: conserving an ecological balance by avoiding depletion of natural resources ] 

With our core focus on internet marketing, we like to think of ourselves as an environmentally-conscious company. We leverage "the power of pixels" to market and grow your business online. In June of 2008, we made a commitment to enhance the environmental profile of our operations. To that end, we created the Blue Tent Green Initiative – a program to become "a certified green" company. We've looked at our internal processes, our energy use and our waste stream in an effort to establish ourselves as one of the leading green internet marketing companies – developing sustainable online marketing solutions for the future.

In December 2008, we began saving funds for a remodel of our office space. Our goal is to assess the areas of our office where we see significant energy loss, and to ultimately redesign the space to be more energy efficient as well as a more comfortable and enjoyable environment. In early 2010 we embarked on the redesign process. In June we started construction and in September we moved into our newly remodeled offices. We used reclaimed barn wood, recycled the hardware from our old cubicles, replaced old leaky windows, and used bamboo flooring in the kitchen to create an awesome, inspiring office environment.

We're committed to recycling our own waste at every point in our production process. We print as little as possible. We use ceramic cups, plates and metal cutlery. We provide large bottled water from a dispenser so employees are not purchasing single serving bottles each day. We have set up recycling stations within the office to sort the waste properly. We believe it's important to set an example by doing the little things right.

Over the years we have supported a number of environmental and educational non-profit organizations within the Roaring Fork Valley. Whether it's Sustainable Settings, the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies, the Community Office for Resource Efficiency, YouthEntity, Lift-Up, Windwalkers, or English in Action, we're proud to continually work with organizations that are making a difference and give back to our community.

Our employees are the reason we are in business. We are committed to creating a healthy work environment that supports a balanced life. We allow our employees "flex time" and the ability to work remotely. This eases stress, decreases the number of commuters and provides more freedom.