Introducing the New Farm & Ranch Website

We recently launched one of the most extensive websites that we've ever produced: The site features a clean, professional design as well as a wide-range of unique functionality and interactivity both to administrators and site visitors alike. At the outset of the project, we worked with Farm and Ranch to identify objectives, requirements and goals, develop information architecture, and to create a comprehensive site design. Once phase one was completed, we moved into the development phase of building the site on Drupal 6. Following is a breakdown of some of the unique site features and functionality.

Highlights for real estate buyers include the Map Search, as well as the Saved Search and Notification functionality. The Saved Search and Notification functionality will notify a user when their dream property comes on the market based on their previously saved search criteria. This feature keeps users engaged and returning to the site and will pay for itself quickly.

The new Farm and Ranch website also offers an array of useful features geared towards real estate agents. One of the most exciting aspects of the new site is the Real Time Property Analytics, giving agents the ability to monitor how their listing is performing online. Agents will see how many page views each listing has received, as well as the percentage of new visitors and where those visitors are located. This new feature provides agents with more information on their listings than ever before.

Agents also have the ability to post a blog entry or editorial article, providing valuable resources to buyers and owners of farm and ranch real estate across the country as well as providing tremendous SEO value to the site. Additionally, property agents will be able to post new listings at any time, and agents can also easily update their profile and contact information so that buyers and agents have the most up-to-date information to work with.

“I am really excited by the flexibility this new platform offers us for ongoing site enhancements and updates. Beyond the platform itself, I’m inspired by our partnership with Blue Tent Marketing. Their continued contributions to our SEO, analytics, and online marketing initiatives will be instrumental to the overall success of the site. We have succeeded in creating a very clean and dynamic environment, transcending many of the “set it and forget it” elements prevalent to past online efforts.” – Todd Powers, Farm & Ranch President and CEO

While the project certainly had its challenges, we're thrilled with the end result. Take some time to check out the site and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

About Farm & Ranch

Founded in 1992 and considered by many to be the original MLS for the rural land market, Farm and Ranch Publishing, L.L.C. delivers high-quality print publications and online resources, successfully uniting buyers and sellers of fine rural properties for sale for 20 years. is an extensive online inventory that includes all properties found in Farm and Ranch's award-winning print publications, as well as thousands of properties uploaded to the site by established real estate agents across the country. is also a valuable online resource for property owners, providing an editorial library with content on property ownership and improvements, area highlights, and products and services related to owning recreational real estate.

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