Google Analytics Announces New Updates and Features

Google announced today a new set of features which makes Google Analytics more powerful, flexible and intelligent.  These new tools will be rolled out in the coming weeks and further Google Analytics as an enterprise level web analytics tool.  As Google Analytics Authorized Consultants (GAAC), Blue Tent is excited to share these new features with you.

Expanded Goals – Feel confined by just four goals?  Google Analytics now supports up to 20 goals per profile.  Also, you can now use metrics in your goals include setting benchmarks for time on site and pages per visit.

Advanced Analysis Features – Tired of exporting your data into a spreadsheet to perform more complicated data analysis?  Try using table filtering to perform advanced data analysis.  This new tool allows you to filter rows based on metrics.  When used with pivoting and secondary dimensions, this new feature becomes even more powerful.

Multiple Custom Variables – Define and track visitors based on specific visitor attributes through multiple custom variables.  Attributes include page-level (viewed movie), visitor (returning vs new visitor), and session (logged in or not).

Sharing – Easily share segments and custom report templates across multiple accounts and profiles.

Analytics Intelligence & Custom Alerts – Stop combing through data to find significant changes in metrics that matter for your business.  Use Analytics Intelligence to alert you to the most significant changes.   Google Analytics is now in its initial phase of an algorithmic intelligence engine.

Mobile Reporting
– Track your mobile websites and apps with Google Analytics.   GA can now track mobile devices even if they don't run JavaScript.  PHP, Perl, JSP and ASPX sites will be supported.

Visit the Google Analytics blog or contact us for more information on these exciting new features!

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